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Summer Essentials

A style collaboration with Mainline Menswear

The temperatures are rising, summer is on its way and your wardrobe needs to be ready.

The changing of seasons is a transitional period for everything from the leaves on the trees to the choice of stock in the supermarkets; your fashion style is no different. We are here to help make this adjustment as routine as can be; starting with an overview of your summer fashion essentials for 2018.

MaleEdit | Ralph Lauren Crew

Starting from the top

For many the turn of summer is the moment where we find out our t-shirt collection is not quite as vast as we had anticipated.

Brands such as Nike and Adidas offer a range of t-shirt choices at a fraction of the price of those offered by other brands. These can be worn both with shorts or jeans depending on if you are taking a trip to the beach during the day or enjoying a night out. They also make up a crucial part of your festival wardrobe, being versatile in such a way that you can wear them under a smart shirt or on their own and not look like you are forcing a look. 

MaleEdit | Fred Perry Tee

Colour coordination is an important thing to consider when selecting tees. Black tees are a popular nightlife look for men during the summer; representing a smart but casual look that easily shows off a good tan. Wearing a black tee alongside dark jeans and white shoes is a go to look for those warm nights.

During the day a white tee is always a safe pick for a trip to the beach or an activity-based day. A white shirt will keep you cooler when in the searing sun than its darker counterpart, and also allows for a wide range of colours to be worn on the bottom in the form of swimming shorts or otherwise. Just be cautious of those sweat patches, and always bring a can of deodorant just in case!

There are a wide variety of choices (across designs and colours) when it comes tees. There’s also a range of tees from the upper price range which may be more fitting for those nights out, such as those offered by Fred Perry and Ralph Lauren

MaleEdit | Armani Tank Top

Sometimes though the summer heat can become too much even for a t-shirt. Luckily, there are an array of tank tops that are perfect over the top of swimming shorts during a hot day beside the pool. As with the tees, lighter coloured vests will keep you cooler during the day but darker tanks have an ability to look that little more stylish, particularly over the top of a good tan.

If you are looking for tank tops with a subtle design, Armani and Diesel may be your go to brands. Alternatively, if you enjoy expressing yourself a bit more through your fashion choices then the vests offered by Adidas or Converse may be more up your street due to their unique designs. 

MaleEdit | Fila Swim Shorts

Targeting the lower body

It’s time to dust off those shorts that haven’t seen the light of day since last Sumer.

Swim shorts are a crucial part of the summer wardrobe due to their ability to be casual as well as practical. They can be worn with tank tops and tees during the day without you looking out of place. Darker shorts will go with almost every colour of shirt on top, whilst grey or other lighter swim short choices help the darker shirt or vest choices to stand out further.

The trustworthy designs of Fila are alongside the more vibrant designs of Ralph Lauren and Lacoste; both offer viable options for daytime wear during the summer.

For the evenings those trusty jeans may have to take a back seat when the temperatures begin to rise.

Dark shorts are perfect to complement a white shirt on top, with denim designs representing a style that is more current than that offered by the chinos. On the other end of the spectrum, light denim jean shorts (blue and even white) match up with both light and dark shirts in a similarly appropriate fashion. 

MaleEdit | Lacoste Slide

Summer Feet

You can’t survive these summer months without the latest accessories.

No one wants to wear tight shoes in the height of summer, meaning thongs and slides are an essential. These come in different designs and styles and your choice between them should ultimately come down to comfort.

Some prefer the toe thong-style. But others will prefer the slide type style. 

MaleEdit | Sunglasses

Summer Accessories

Another essential accessory are of course sunglasses. Darker coloured sunglasses are the ones in fashion at the moment as they can be worn with almost any outfit. As far as other accessories go, fashionable bags for those long days at the beach. High quality brands such as Eastpak have a wealth of different designs which will suit any fashion style. - Mainline Menswear is the UK's leading independent retailer of Mens Designer Clothing.

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