You vs Porn Star

Have you ever wondered how you would stack up against a porn star? Not, like, literally up against them; in terms of physique, sexual preferences and age. Wonder no more: after examining ~loads~ of new data, the registered online pharmacy, Dr Felix has just completed an enlightening study showing just how different porn stars are to ‘real-life people’ (the average Australian).

Harvesting information from data journalist Jon Millward’s study of 10,000 porn stars, Dr Felix lays bare the discrepancy between on-screen fantasy and everyday reality. Some—like number of sexual partners—were pretty obvious; others were more interesting. Did you know, for instance that ‘real life’ men have more tattoos than their porn counterparts? 

Anyway, cognisant of the fact that Pornhub receives 64 million visitors every single day, Dr Felix is keen to reveal the insights it gained from the study. Stacking up the men and women of porn against the average American man and woman, Dr Felix’s comparison shows just how little resemblance the porn industry has to real life. 

The findings showed that the average woman featured in porn has a 61cm waist, 86.5cm hips and a height of 168cm. At the same time, the average American woman is 165cm tall, has a waist of 86cm and 106cm hips. The average female porn performer will be 22-25 years old and weigh 53Kg, while her real-life counterpart is 39 and weighs 76Kg.
On the male side of things, the average porn performer will be twelve to eight years younger than his real-life counterpart, an 2cm taller and just under 13Kg lighter. It’s in the realm of sexual partners that the most significant difference arises, with the porn performer having 45 sexual partners every year, compared to 6 in a lifetime for the ‘real-life’ man.
Dr Felix emphasises that pornography is, at its root, entertainment, not fact. The online doctor service is keen to show that the ‘ideal’ represented in porn is not something to be attained, but rather that porn stars are forced to conform to a non-realistic standard. 

Blonde women, for example, make up 32.7-percent of performers in porn, with blondes actually only making up 11.5-percent of the female US population. Similarly, 42-percent of female porn performers have tattoos, compared to 22-percent of real-life women.
Strangely, more ‘real-life’ men have tattoos than their porn counterparts: 26-percent vs. 24.4-percent. And finally (perhaps most telling of all), 62-percent of women in pornography perform anal sex, whilst 37-percent of women do this in reality.
Tamsin Nicholson, one of the report’s data scientists, said, “We think it’s important to highlight the divergence of pornography from reality. We understand that people want to watch it – that’s perfectly normal. But what isn’t so good is seeing a form of entertainment and believing it’s something to match.”
“The average man and woman are very different from their porn counterparts, and it’s important to embrace and enjoy the experiences you have. The key is to do what feels good for you and your partner, and not worry about matching standards that aren’t real in the first place.”
So: how do you stack up?

This story was originally published on D'Marge.  

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