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MaleEdit | Self-Play


Ask yourself, do you usually masturbate in the same way? Most guys respond yes, What makes your style different from other men? What is your go-to satisfaction technique? How can you do it better?

MaleEdit | Morning Erections : Why?

Morning Erections, Why?

Morning glory, or medically “nocturnal penile tumescence," is a familiar event. It occurs to all men; but the reasons vary according to the experts.

MaleEdit | This is Winter 2019

This is Winter 2019

This is men's early Winter 2019 fashion, we’ve done the shopping, runway shows, fashion weeks, checked out men's events, clothing, shoes, watches and more.

MaleEdit | Grooming Guide

Good Grooming Guide

The fundamental guide to male grooming (mancare), from manscaping to head, face and feet, here's everything today's man needs to know.

MaleEdit | Blue Balls

Blue Balls

Ever had “blue balls”? Blue balls is a slang term for aching or painful testicles, that occurs after sexual arousal with no relief. Fact or fiction?

MaleEdit | Summer's End

Summer's End

It's the time for Summer to end and the trans-seasonal cha cha to commence. Over the next months, you'll be either too hot or too cold. So we've made the transition a little easier. This collection features a mix of trans-seasonal pieces that will take you through the summer and into the cooler months ahead.

MaleEdit | Trash the Razor

Trash The Razor

Like or dislike, hot or not, whatever your thoughts on a man’s prized possession, that of his beard are mute. Science has put the issue of beard attractiveness to rest.

MaleEdit | Beard Awesomeness

Beard Awesomeness

Wow, so now you know the scientific facts and you’ve grown a beard, simply go and grow, right?. Not so fast sunshine! Growing it is just the beginning, don’t think a beard is just an excuse not to shave. There are rules young man, so let’s have a look at what it takes to have a truly awesome beard. Here is the Beard Guide.

MaleEdit | Trans-Seasonal Sales

ME Sales

It's time a great time to check out some of the great  sales happening now. ME Sales have gathered fashion, shoes and accessories, mancare and health, home and lifestyle, technology and gadgets and travel and holiday savings all in one place.

MaleEdit | Gunning 4 U

Gunning 4 U

Rodd & Gunn continues to raise the bar in experiential retail through delivering exceptional customer service, with the merge of both retail bricks and mortar and the digital world with the new e-Lodge.

MaleEdit | The Utility Trend

The Utility Trend

 It's off duty dressing at its best. The utility trends offers everyone the excuse to dress it manly, but look like you didn't plan it. All with the added benefit of being comfortable and useful. We've gathered some of our closest fashion partners to demonstrate the look.

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MaleEdit | Masterbation and ED

Masturbation and ED?

Some people believe that masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction, but is this a myth? Learn more about ED and masturbation, how watching porn may affect sexual function, and when to see a doctor.

MaleEdit | Marijuana Alters Sperm

Marijuana Alters Sperm

A new study has revealed that cannabis or marijuana can alter the DNA or genetic make-up of sperm and this can have long term consequences in the babies born of that sperm.

MaleEdit | THE Destinations 2019

THE Destinations 2019

No matter how well-travelled you are, there’s always more to see and experience. Your checklist evolves with your priorities, and the best destinations Opens a New Window. change from one year to the next. Travel in 2019 is no different.

MaleEdit | The Perfect Jean

The Perfect Jean

Denim jeans are the men’s ultimate go-to for every occasion. But with so many different styles, it can get a little overwhelming. That’s why we give you here 5 things you need to look for when on you’re on the hunt for the perfect jean.

Science to a Younger You

Science to a Younger You

Ok with the idea of ageing but want to look your best, there are ways to diminish time’s effects, scientifically. This is your guide to aging well.

Avoiding Lonliness

Avoiding Lonliness

Plenty of research shows men make friends less easily than women, and take part in fewer social activities. And it is something worth knowing if you're a young man, as it can worsen with age.

Excessive Sweat

Excessive Sweating

Chafed thighs, constant swamp crotch, increased breakouts, and swear stains. Sweating can be a serious pain in the ass. But how are you supposed to know when it’s all a little too much? 

Preventing Christmas Weight

Holiday Weight

Holiday time is usually a time of indulgence and unwanted weight gain. A new study has shown that if simple weight loss tips are followed, this weight gain can be avoided.

Trusting Others

Trusting Others

According to a study conducted by Lund University and Stockholm University, trusting others will help you live longer. Meanwhile, doubting others increases your mortality risk.

A Cure for Obesity

A Cure for Obesity?

It costs the global economy an estimated US$2 trillion annually and has been dubbed a modern day health epidemic, but new research has unearthed a possible cure for obesity -- and it is as plain as dirt!

Jay Jays

MaleEdit | Summer Shorts

Summer Shorts

there’s a whole host of other attractive styles that play with length, texture and silhouette. Here are the eight pairs that offer a shortcut to sweat-free style this summer.

MaleEdit | Dealing with Jock Itch

Dealing with Jock Itch

If you recently Googled "How do I get my balls to stop itching?" between scratching yourself vigorously, we have some bad news for you: there's a good chance you have jock itch.

MaleEdit | Dog Support

Dog Support

The phrase "man's best friend" has a cute ring of exaggeration about it. But for men in their middle age, the phrase might be closer to the truth than we think. 

MaleEdit | International Men's Day

International Men's Day

Over 70 countries around the world celebrated International Men's Day, an annual rallying cry aiming to draw attention to some of the most important issues facing men in the 21st Century.

MaleEdit | The Truth About Penis Enlargement

About Penis Enlargement

Marketers claim that extenders, vacuum devices, pills, and lotions can increase penis size. But do penis enlargement methods work?

ME Discount Shopping

ME Discount Shopping

Your favourite stores giving you the VIP discount of a minimum of 50% off retail. Keep your wallet fat and yourself looking good. In a hurry? Use the search feature.

ME Shopping

ME Shopping

This is what's hot in men's fashion, shoes and accessories this season. All your favourite boutique and department stores in an easy crowd-free scroll, click and buy format. Looking hot!

MaleEdit | Low Energy in Men

Low Energy in Men

Many lifestyle and medical factors can cause low energy. Some of these are unique to men or are more common in men than women.

MaleEdit | Prostate Massage

Prostate Massage?

According to an adult product company, prostate massager sales have increased by 56% and some doctors are encouraging men to perform regular prostate massages.

MaleEdit | Keeping Sane this Christmas.

Keeping Sane This Xmas

A perfect world sees the holiday season filled with love, warmth, and happiness. However, more often, it is crammed with stress. Here, we offer some advice on how to bring a little calm back.

MaleEdit | Pubic Hair Guide

Pubic Hair Guide

 For men the practice of intimate grooming is one that's kind of confusing, a catch-22 of too hairy or not hairy enough. Why the hell do we even shave down there in the first place?

MaleEdit | Divorce & Regrets

Divorce & Regret

What divorced men wish they had done differently in their mariages, these men reveal their missteps and regrets.

MaleEdit | Manscaping Guide

Manscaping Guide

Whether you’re hairy and wanting to be less so, or you just need a functional trimming down, then this manscaping guide will help you through every scenario, and will save you a helluva lot of agony in the process. 

MaleEdit | What Women Like?

What Women Like?    

Shiny shoes. Clean-cut clothes. Well-groomed hair. Once all these artificial coverings are stripped away, what exactly about a man is attractive to women?

Socks and Sandals?

Socks and sandals might just be the most vilified corner of the men’s style arena, but David Beckham and Kayne West have sported them recently, what's the go?

MaleEdit | Random Erections

Random Erections

Males often experience erections, without physical or psychological stimulation. While it is usually not a cause for concern, it can feel embarrassing. It can mean something else too.

MaleEdit | It's ok to disagree

It's Ok to disagree

Every relationship is going to have moments of disagreement: Conflict is natural, but we aren’t necessarily taught how to handle it!

MaleEdit | The Underwear Game

The Underwear Game

The squabble between brief and boxer still rages on and a time where everyone can agree that the letters on your elasticated waistband matter, a lot.

MaleEdit | Setting Boundaries

Setting Boundaries

No matter how in love a couple is, they each need to have a separate life in addition to their shared life, in order to feel whole and healthy.


MaleEdit | Office Style Faux Pas

Office Style Errors & Fixes

Can you wear trainers but still look like you mean business? Yes, and indeed yes. Just follow our map through the minefield.

ME Promo Codes

ME Promo Codes

Direct from the retailers, exclusive access to secret sales, discount coupons and promo codes. These deals are generally not available to the public and are strictly time limited. 

ME Sales


Your favourite stores giving you the VIP discount of a minimum of 50% off retail. Keep your wallet fat and yourself looking good. In a hurry? Use the search feature.

ME Feed

ME Life Guides

We encourage ME readers to suggest Life Guide topics that need answering. We do the research so you won’t have to. Life can be complicated.

MaleEdit | What is average?

What is Average?

We've had many emails about it, many scientific researchers have tried to answer the question men want clear information about: What size is the average penis?

MaleEdit | Life and Sex Around The World

Life and Sex 

Life and sex are confusing for most people, most of the time as it is, but in some places on Earth it gets down-right bewildering.

ME LookBook

ME LookBook

Not big on shopping? No worries, we’ve got you covered. These retailers have pre-styled outfits for every work or social occasion. Like what you see? Shop the look. 

MaleEdit | Burn Fat Fast

Burn Fat Fast

Let’s break it down: fat accumulates when unused calories are stored in the body as energy reserves. Just demolished an entire Domino’s pizza and wondering how to burn the fat off the next day?

MaleEdit | Why Men Remain Single

Men Staying Single

If you've been feeling especially single lately, here's some news that may help you feel a little less alone. A new study out of Cyprus' University of Nicosia ranked the most common reasons why men say they're single — and get this, it based its findings on an analysis of 13,429 responses.

MaleEdit | Balding Practically

Balding Practically

Feeling blindsided by their traitorous scalp and missing their old hair, some men can get stuck in different stages of the grieving process, unable to move on to acceptance. They start wearing a ball cap or a beanie wherever they go. What should one do?

MaleEdit | False Beliefs

False Beliefs

Ever wonder why flat earthers, birthers, climate change and Holocaust deniers stick to their beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary? New findings suggest that feedback, rather than hard evidence, boosts people's sense of certainty when learning new things or trying to tell right from wrong.

MaleEdit | Get That Summer Body

Summer Body

Passport – check. Sunglasses – check. A physique you’ll want to put on Instagram – ah. They say a summer body is built in winter, now you’re a couple of months away from wheels up, let's get that Summer body.

MaleEdit | Act of Revenge

Act of Revenge

The desire for revenge can be the consequence of a feeling of anger. But is this the case at the cerebral level? What happens in the human brain when injustice is felt?

ME Shopping Directory

ME Shopping Directory

Enjoy your time at the mall, wander through and browse the brands you know or discover a new favourite. All online and away from throngs and distractions. Many with buy now, pay later options.

MaleEdit | Social Connection Con?

Is Social Connection a Con?

Research found that those that spent two or more hours a day on social networking sites were more likely to report poor mental health, another found four of the five most used social media platforms made the anxiety levels of those surveyed worse. Are we connected or more isolated? If so, What can we do about it?

MaleEdit | Casual Dress guidlines

Casual Dress Guidelines

It’s not difficult to look good in a suit. If you’ve got the money and an experienced tailor who knows what he or she is doing, then you can’t really fail. But what about the casual side of dressing? Find out why the easiest dress code is anything but no-effort. 

MaleEdit | Men's Wardrobe Essentials

Men's Wardrobe Essentials

Forget thinking about which clothes are most on-trend this season and start thinking about which clothes you NEED this season. Today we are taking the emphasis off style and, instead, putting it on the things which should be hanging in your wardrobe all year-round.

MaleEdit | Hair Guide

Hair Guide

Your hair, blithely accept any and all advice people give you – from washing your hair every day to never washing it again – and your barnet could suffer. Don’t let your hair fall victim to these false claims; follow this guide to telling follicular fact from fake news.

MaleEdit | Self-Belief

Believe in ya baby!

A study conducted by the University of Cambridge and published in the journal Human Nature, suggests that just the belief that you have won a competition is enough to increase testosterone, and influence your sexual behaviour as a result, no matter if you actually did win or not.

MaleEdit | Work Romance

Workplace Romance

Sexual relationships between colleagues have fuelled years of storylines for viewers of The Office, The X-Files, Grey's Anatomy and Australian Parliament House. Here are some questions to ask yourself to avoid making a delicate situation into an uncomfortable one.

ME Sales Directory

Spring Fashion Guide

Go straight to the sales and bargain oulets with over 80 of your favourite retailers and designers with up to 70% off retail prices. Connect with your new look, don't forget many offer buy now pay later. 

MaleEdit | Toxic Masculinity

Toxic Masculinity

The term toxic masculinity has become a catch-all to describe male feelings of entitlement, anger and vulnerability, and the urge to dominate and intimidate, through either overt or covert means. But, what is it really?

MaleEdit | Post-Sex Sadness

Post Sex Sadness

Life is full of extremes, isn't it? One minute you're having the best sex of your life, the next, you feel like total sh*t. What's the deal? 

MaleEdit | Grower or Shower?

Grower or Shower?

As men, we’re very aware that we fit into either two categories when it comes to our manhood. We’re either a ‘grower’ or a ‘shower’. But; what's the norm?

MaleEdit | Shorter Men Going Bald

Shorter men go bald?

Short men may have an increased risk of becoming bald prematurely. An international genetic study under the leadership of the University of Bonn at least points in this direction.

MaleEdit | Men and Broken Watches

Men and broken watches

Do you believe style should be prioritised over substance?

Underwear Guide

Hot Jocks

We've collected the hottest underwear and wrapped them up in some great deals to ensure your underwear drawer gets a revival, and you get to look great. 

MaleEdit | Men's Guide to Office Style

Men's guide to office style

A common refrain is the importance of The Basics.
This advice can leave you scratching your head. I mean, these basics: what even are they? 

MaleEdit | You vs Porn Star

You vs Porn Star

Have you ever wondered how you would stack up against a porn star? Not, like, literally up against them; in terms of physique, sexual preferences and age. Wonder no more.

MaleEdit | Classic: Polo

Wear More Polos

The polo shirt, as we know it, was invented by a man by the name of René Lacoste. You may have seen his work. Lacoste was a pretty damn good tennis player too.

MaleEdit | Grooming Schedule

Grooming Schedule

Do you look like a haggard old mess with smelly breath and hair that the hobo down the street would be proud of? If your answer is yes then you need a grooming schedule my friend. 

MaleEdit | Plastic Chemicals & Penis Defects

Plastic Chemicals and Men

Scientists say men’s exposure to the chemicals in plastic can cause their appendage to shrink. It’s something “no one likes to talk about” — here’s why.

MaleEdit | Morning People, Science Knows

Morning People? Science knows

You rock up to work—pre caffeine—and before you can even sit down the dreaded Office Optimist assaults you with a smile and friendly wave. Why are they universally hated? Science Knows. 

MaleEdit | Hair Fade Guide

Hair Fade Guide

‘Bald’ isn’t usually a wise choice of word when describing how you want your hair, even to the best barber. However, add the word ‘fade’ immediately afterwards, and your tonsorial prospects are almost guaranteed to go from grade zero to hair hero.


Celebrating the best of trend and tradition, suit tailoring at Reiss prizes precision of cut, quality and design.

Don't Be a Dick!

The false virtues of the classic alpha male.
Many guys don't think they can be an "alpha male" because they're not arrogant jerks. There is another way. 

Become a Man of Value

Here are seven strategies, tips, and tactics you can use to market yourself more effectively. 

Closet Hacks

When was the last time you organised your closet, and I mean organised it?

Libido Killers

Think it’s a good idea to freshen up your breath with some gum before getting it on? Science says probably not the best idea...

MaleEdit | Grooming Guide

Good Grooming Guide

The fundamental guide to male grooming (mancare), from manscaping to head, face and feet, here's everything today's man needs to know.

Successful Dating

"I say hang in there and don't let social media cripple your social skills and remember, tell someone they're attractive in person."

Dell Computers

Save Up to 30% off selected laptops. Whether at work or play, there is a Dell laptop computer to meet your specific needs.

Mosmann Underwear Subscription

A Fresh Pair Every Month

Time poor? Great a fresh pair of Mosmann underwear delivered. What a time-saver.

MaleEdit | Man Flu

Man Flu Season?

Want to know a secret? There is no such thing as man flu, according to Dr. Stephen Massey of Bondi Doctors.

MaleEdit | Bad Breakups

Bad Breakups

Science is here to confirm that you’re not crazy: the toughness of a breakup may have less to do with how long you actually spent in loved-up coupledom and more to do with how you ended it.

MaleEdit | Beard Growing Guide

Patchy Beard?

It’s a cruel fact of life that some chaps seem blessed with cheeks that erupt like Vesuvius other not so much. Here's some savvy tips to help you turn a barren beard lush.

MaleEdit | Testosterone and Taste

Testosterone and taste

Can't get enough of luxury goods like European sports cars or designer jeans?
A new study shows that testosterone has a measurable effect on a man's preferences for status symbols.

MaleEdit | Sober Sex

Sober Sex

That last great taboo in a culture where seduction and the sauce go together like gin and tonic.

MaleEdit | Confusion to Fitness

Confusion to Fitness

Why are Australian men so fat? The OECD issued its findings that 70 per cent of Australian men are overweight or obese (56 per cent of women) and while we're still slimmer than those from the USA we're shockingly wider than Canadians, the Irish, and those "outdoorsy" POMs. 

MaleEdit | Life's Questions

Life's Questions

With the help of a crack team of professional coaches, we’ve assembled 13 key questions every man should be able to circumnavigate by the time he turns 30. 

MaleEdit | Male Masterbation

Male Masturbation

Why a frequent fiddle could be a healthy fix.
Turns out there’s more to a quick tug than just blowing off some steam. After recording the sexual habits of over 32,000 men, scientists found that regular ejaculation has numerous health benefits.

MaleEdit | Thinning Hair

Thining Hair?

It’s a cruel fact of life that men go bald. In fact, by the age of 35, almost half of all blokes start to see noticeable hair loss. 

MaleEdit | Classic: Harrington Jacket

Harrington Jacket | Classic

Never mind how it got that name. Never mind that it’s not much to look at on a hanger. Never mind even that Steve McQueen wore one. Once a Harrington jacket is on, it almost always wins a new fan.


ME Shopping Options

How to ME SHop

We've made shopping man-friendly, fun and substantially cheaper. With these easy shopping options to suit your style, no crowds or that pushy bargain hunter.

MaleEdit | Stylist Hacks

Stylist Hacks

These professional stylists provide advice, tips and hacks on how to ensure you always look front cover-ready. With these make-do-and-mend tricks you've got it covered.

MaleEdit | Are you a Phubber?

Are you a "Phubber"?

Now there's "phubbing," a phenomenon so pervasive and problematic that the Journal of Applied Social Psychology was motivated to publish a scholarly article about it.

ME Promo Codes

Smith Lessons

And it wasn't about cricket.
It's good to get all the lazy and toxic clichés about masculinity out of the way, isn't it? Here's another cliché: men don't cry, unless it's over something involving sport.

MaleEdit | Male Body Issues

Male Body Issues?

So the last thing any man needs is a niggling body issue putting up roadblocks. So we consulted the experts to find out about the most common conditions plaguing men’s confidence, and what to do to beat them. 

MaleEdit | Blokes Ettiquette Guide

Know Your Manners

Every gentleman needs an understanding of today's etiquette.Consider this comprehensive guide your virtual finishing school. 

MaleEdit | Stylish Travelling

Stylish Travelling

If you're accustomed to flying for work, you will know that you rarely have the choice to wear something more comfortable than the suit you need to have ready to go when you hit the ground.

Qatar Airways

Exclusive Offers on Flights from Australia. 

MaleEdit | Body Type Dressing

Body Type Dressing    

Getting the right fit for your body. An expensive garment that isn't right for your body will look bad no matter how much money you dropped on it, and an inexpensive piece will look like a million bucks if the fit is right. 

MaleEdit | Men's Underwear

Engaging Down-Under

Underwear basics.
Get your undies game right to avoid discomfort and, um, potential embarrassment in front of a partner.

MaleEdit | Shirt and Ties Combos

Shirt and Tie Combos

How not to mess it up.
Matching your shirt and tie is not as easy as it sounds. Get it wrong and you'll end up looking like an optical illusion. But if you get it right, you'll add real character to your outfit. Follow our simple rules to avoid a fashion faux pas. 

MaleEdit | Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction

Popular plastic surgery and what men think.
Although you don't hear much about this condition, experts say it is quite common and may affect as many as 50 to 70 per cent of men to varying degrees throughout their lives. 

MaleEdit | Dress the Look

Dress the Look

MaleEdit has collaborated with designers and international retailers to construct the perfect look.

MaleEdit | AfterPay

Shop Now and Pay Later

Some of our partner's online stores now ofer AfterPay. Click on the logo to find out which!

Style Steals | Wallet-Friendly Fashion


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