The Better Beard Guide

Wow, so now you know the scientific facts and you’ve grown a beard, simply go and grow, right?. Not so fast sunshine! Growing it is just the beginning, don’t think a beard is just an excuse not to shave. There are rules young man, so let’s have a look at what it takes to have a truly awesome beard. Here is the Beard Guide.

Beard Care

Well, you’ve gone and grown yourself a respectable beard, congratulations by the way, now let’s look after this wonderful manly thing. Growing a beard comes with the responsibility to look after it. And away we go...

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Beard Oil
Just like your skin, your beard needs hydration, washing your beard naturally keeps it clean, but it can also make your beard dry and itchy by stripping its natural oils. Beard oil is a leave in conditioner which assists in balancing your natural beard oils (sebum) and your skin.

Applying beard oil
Apply your beard oil once a day after a relaxing shower. The warm water will open your skin pores and hair follicles. Dab your beard dry and apply oil.
Size really matters when using beard oil, so as a guide a smaller beard may only require 3 or 4 drops, while the fuller beard may need 7 or 8 drops. 

  • Smear the oil evenly on your palms and fingers;
  • Apply the oil to the sides and front of the beard, then with two hand come up from the bottom of your beard up to below your lips;
  • Use your fingers to apply oil to your moustache.
  • Then comb to distribute the oil and tidy your hairs back in place.

Recommended Beard oils

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Beard Balm
Beard balms are similar to beard oils in the fact that they are both leave-in conditioners to nourish your beard and skin. But balms have the additional benefit of styling control. A balm is a heavier than an oil and provides a longer lasting conditioning effect and may contain bees wax, shea butter and oils. You can use both together for a real shiny glossy look. Apply oil first though.

How to apply beard balm
Apply as you would with beard oil using a small amount, and use more if needed.

Beard oil or beard balm is a personal preference, but there are differences and benefits to both:
Beard Oil Bear Balm
Recommended for All beard types, extra benefit to new or shorter beards. Medium to larger beards and for those with drier skin types.
Media Oil based light moisturiser Liquid more quickly absorbed. Pomade texture with longer conditioning times.
Benefit Great for stopping itching in newer beards. Quicker hydration for shorter beards. Nourishes beard and moisturises skin longer. Low-hold styling agent.
Travel Better with take on baggage, place in zip lock bag. Easy traveling being a solid state. 

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Beard Oil 

 • Suitable for all beard types, extra benefit to new or shorter beards.

• Oil based light moisturiser Liquid more quickly absorbed.  

• Great for stopping itching in newer beards. Quicker hydration for shorter beards. 

• Travel: Better with take on baggage, place in zip lock bag. Being liquid in glass.

Beard Balm

• Medium to larger beards and for those with drier skin types.

• Pomade texture with longer conditioning times.

• Nourishes beard and moisturises skin longer. Low-hold styling agent.

• Travel: Easy traveling being a solid state.

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Beard Gear
Taking care of your beard isn’t simply oil and clean. With the correct beard gear, you can train, trim, guide and persuade your beard into your desired style and look. 

Beard Comb
Using a bear comb not only assists in distributing beard oil or balm through your hair evenly and effectively, it separates, helps preventing split-ends and ingrown hairs and lines up hairs to give a fuller look.  

There is a science to combing your beard, yeah, I know, but to have the best grooming experience employ this combing simple technique.

Combing your beard

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  • Turn you comb upside down and start combing upwards to make your beard fuzzy, to separate the hairs.
  • Once you have a fuzzy mess, comb downwards and put your beard back in place.

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Moustache Comb
You can use a moustache comb or purchase a comb with both wide and narrow teeth for beard and moustache.

Boars Hair Bristle Brush
The ultimate in beard accessories, the boar’s hair beard brush is better than a synthetic brush due to the construction of the boar’s hair. Each boar hair has a microscopic scaled texture which assists in the distribution of natural sebum as well as beard oil throughout the beard. The detangling bristles unclog and clean the hair follicle and massage to increase blood flow. They don't snag or pull out beard hair either.
 Nice, right?

Brush your beard as you would use a comb.

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Recommended Boars Hair Brush

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Beard Hygiene

Keeping your beard clean, soft and hygienic.  

Beard Wash
Facial hair is coarser and structured differently compared to hair on your head, this a different structure requires different type of clean from your head hair. Regular shampoo will have a drying affect on your beard causing your beard to become brittle and your skin to dry and flake.

A good beard wash will naturally assist with exfoliation and cleansing, whilst hydrating and detangling the beard and skin (not the detangling part though).  

Using beard wash is just like shampoo for your beard. Unless you work in a dirty environment you won't need to shampoo everyday, remember don't dry your beard out.

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Recommended Beard Wash

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Beard Conditioner
 Most beard washes today have a conditioning agent in them, but if you feel your beard is dry or coarse then a beard conditioner is just the go. Your beard will scream for joy with the extra hydration and care.

Beard Repair
Does your beard look dry, fly-away, lifeless and resembles a brillo pad (steel wool)? For long beard lovers, nourish and repair even the wiriest beard with Proraso Beard Oil Treatment. Helps achieve healthy growth without breakage and leaves beard super soft with a sensational smell, scent of Cedar wood with Mediterranean citrus. Your beard and friends will thank you.

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Beard Style

Don’t have the beard of a Greek Adonis? No worries, if your beard curls, waves, fly’s or kinks there are products to make even the naughtiest beard behave and look damn good.

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Beard Wax
A stronger hold than styling balm. Style beard your beard while adding strength and lustre. The wax will seal and condition the beard hair shaft to soften and reinforce your beard. Provides great hold for a wide variety of beard styles without weighing hair down. 

Beard Styling
Ok, we’ve washed and oiled and are ready to style. It’s ok, it sounds like a lot but this whole process is quick and easy, only a few minutes, really.
Now get your beard gear ready, we recommend comb, brush, beard balm or styling lotion and a hair dryer. 

  • Apply the balm to your beard and use your comb or brush in the direction you wish to style your beard.
  • Then using your hair dryer about 15 -30 centimetres from your beard, follow with your brush or comb through the beard as you style. Applying heat only on the section being styled at the time. We don’t want heat damage.
  • When styling is complete use the cold setting to set the product into the beard.
  • If desired you can add additional oil, balm or styling lotion. You’re set to go.
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Beard Trimming and Shaping
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If you have a beard, you’ll need scissors. They’re for trimming and shaping. Nobody wants to look like the wild man of Borneo. Stick to you beard grooming and growth plan but trim and shape to look your best. If you stuff up a beard trim don’t worry reshape with your beard trimmer or go the full how and visit your favourite barber for the fix. 

Recommended Beard Trimmers

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Moustache Wax
Moustaches look great on their own or as part of your awesome beard. One thing to remember though you must care for it otherwise it will take over and become overgrown. So be sure to trim and shape to your desired style.
For the au natural moustache style, place a small amount of wax on your thumb and massage between your thumb and fingers until the wax is tacky to the touch. Start to apply the wax from the centre of your moustache working outwards. Style and now you’re ready for stepping out.

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Beard Styles

Live love and enjoy your beard
Well, there you go, hopefully you’ve got enough information to grow a beard of awesomeness. Don’t forget to wear your beard with pride. Remember to style, shape, enjoy and live the bearded life.

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