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ME is a men’s fashion and lifestyle guide that endeavours to provide you with the very latest male perspective information, advice, grooming trends, news, style support and exclusive offers from national and international designers and retailers for FREE.

Founded in 2015, ME can assist you with the information and support to become the best version of yourself. From comprehensive step-by-step guides that help ME readers understand intimate or difficult topics to unique editorial events curated by men’s lifestyle experts, we provide no-nonsense advice that helps you navigate your future forward life. Search-powered and influencer-driven, the ME content ecosystem is about informing you, providing options and assisting you to make sense of this forever-changing world and the contemporary expectations of modern man.

Whether it's advice on sex or relationships, guidance on style or grooming or words of lifestyle wisdom, MaleEdit knows what men are concerned about -- and how we can support through information. But there is more to ME than just practical advice. We are dedicated to providing you direction with products and services that will upgrade your life, by offering thorough product reviews, guides and exclusive access to designer and retailer deals and shopping outlets to help you discover your own style and to make sense of the products or situations that change the way you see yourself -- and how others see you.

There are no out-of-bounds issues for us to report on and no question is too embarrassing for us to answer. Whether you’re wondering how to manscape correctly, please your partner in bed, buy the perfect gift or build a better body or lifestyle, we do the research so you won’t have to. Remember, details matter. Sometimes the only thing between a man and getting what he deserves -- whether it's a happiness or a promotion -- is the right attitude or advice or product. ME understands this better than anyone. We’re here to provide lifestyle support for men. 

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ME maintains affiliate relationships with trusted partners. These partnership links allow us to earn a promotional allowance on the purchase of some products or services. The use of affiliate links carries no influence on whether we feature a product or not; our feature products are displayed solely because they meet ME editorial standards. Please feel free to contact ME to verify if we have an affiliate partnership with a specific designer or retail company.

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"Just the right amount of fashion, fun and cheeky stuff to make great reading without wanting to zone out by the end of an article."

"Love the lookbook for clothes ideas, I'm not really into shopping centres but want to stay fashionable, well in my own way."

"Thanks a bunch, I really enjoy the Deals Page you guys post , I've saved heaps on clothes, gadgets and a holiday."



ME is a men’s lifestyle portal with the latest news, reviews, advice and access to discount shopping with your favourite retailers.

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